You are being called to live at a higher level of Light. The Earth's disparities long to return to wholeness. And YOU are needed - your integrity, your ingenuity, your intuition. Begin to live with ten times more power as you are initiated into the Sisterhood and Brotherhood of Light. Equip yourself. Be handed down powerful abundance and protection prayers and rituals. Receive tools for manifestation as well as four new Spiritual Guides.


Learn to prosper as you transform who you are into who you wish to be. Re-invent yourself for Qaballah takes the infinite, the indescribable, and presents it to you in schematics and vocabularies of Enlightenment. A life-long study begins with a year's journey ascending the Tree of Life, which is defined by Ten Sephiroth, or Emanations of Light. Sample a Qaballah Conversation at 9am on the first Saturday of every month at the Buzz Cafe, Oak Park, IL.


Harmonious Attitudes

Humorous Accotunability

New class still in its developmental stages!


Lillian Flowers is a Reiki Master and Teacher in the Usui Lineage. She is a Master Consultant and Teacher of the Akashic Records. Lillan is a Teacher and Guide trained at the 7th Ray Mystery School based in Utah. Email