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Lillian Flowers...simplifying the miraculous

The Source For Solutions

Lillian Flowers... simplifying the miraculous

You will discover new levels of success as you are empowered and guided to right action and a stronger sense of self by working with Lillian Flowers.

Lillian Flowers, a gifted professional Psychic and Healer for over twenty years, uses her synergistic approach to dissect the energy of situations and problems to find solutions for you. Through Lillian’s spiritual insights, you can rediscover meaning for your life and receive transformational information and healing, helping you resolve feelings of powerlessness, confusion, uncertainty, doubt, despair, hopelessness and more.

Set up an appointment today by calling Lillian at (708) 715-5705 or (406) 546-6354 or send an email to

Lillian’s gifts and talents will assist you in...
  • transforming your self-concept
  • tapping your potential
  • releasing old programming
  • creating success
  • accomplishing prosperity
  • nurturing health/wellness
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